1. Block Chain Technology & Cryptocurrency

Over the last couple of years, the term crypto currency has been rapidly gaining ground and understanding of its use and value in the public eye. At first it seemed unfamiliar and somewhat scary like the credit card looked to users in its early days. You might be more familiar with terms like Bit coin, and Ether. These are all crypto currencies

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2. Network Marketing for Entrepreneurs

“Most people never get Wealthy simply because they are not trained to recognize the opportunities right in front of them.” - Robert Kiyosaki.

Building a business is a science, it is an art. Both of this can be learnt, sharpened and improved over a period of time. We just need to have the right set of people at

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3. Skill Development Program for School Students

"You must either modify your dreams or magnify your skills"

In this fast-paced world enabled by rapid growth of technology, students are keen to explore unique learning platform which facilitates practical application of their knowledge. The insights make them aware of the possible choices they can exercise, with confidence and

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4. Body Language & Image Management

Just as a company maintains its brand image by following a set of principles, a display of proper corporate etiquette on the part of the students ensures that an excellent impression is created in the minds of the employers who visit the campus or with any professional who interacts with them for opportunities. 


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5. Placement Readiness Program

While our education and experience may make us eligible to apply for a job, to be successful in the role we need to exhibit a mix of skills. In times of high unemployment, employers have more choice of applicants and will favour those with well-rounded employability skills.

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6. Enterpreneurship Skill Development

" Entrepreneurs are not born, they are always self-made individuals. Even those born in business families are required to prove their mettle to be accepted as an Entrepreneur. "

Entrepreneurship is a dynamic process of creation of incremental wealth by individuals who assume major risks in terms of equity, time and/ or career commitment

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7. Certified Investment Professional

Fast Globalization and growth of Indian Economy has led to rapid expansion of Digital Banking & Financial Services Industry offering excellent career start to college graduates who have strong Financial Advisory Skills.

This program will help you master complex financial & investment products and explore high growth career

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8. Accounting - Unraveled for all

Are financial statements a mystery to you? Do all those terms/jargons and formats make your head spin? Do you avoid accounting and Finance conversations because one you are not confident of your finance ability second you find it boring?

Eliminate your fear of accounting! Financial accounting can be fun once the barriers to learning are

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9. Business English Communication (Training & Certification) is an education management platform designed to establish a valuable relationship between youth & experience to build social capital.

We believe, one day great companies would not compete to be the Best in the world, but for being the Best of the world. We are working to build the leadership pipeline for

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10. Data Analytics Professional

Antrix Academy of Data Science is helping candidates to accelerate their career in data analytics by mastering concepts of Data Management, Statistics, Effective Data Visualization and Big Data from most influential Data Science leaders and academicians of India.

As the pace of business continues to accelerate, forward-looking

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11. Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is an effective system which changes the pattern of mental behavior and enables you to control your emotional state. Whenever we experience something, we send inputs to our mind using our five senses. Then, our mind examines and communicates those experiences to our body as our results. NLP

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12. Medical Coding

Elate Academy medical coding training courses teach the fundamentals of medical coding, prepares the student for certification and helps them establish a career in the medical coding industry. Get your medical coding training, exam preparation, exams and continuing education all from a source you should trust – the 1st AAPC (American Academy of

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13. The Holistic Healing Program

The purpose of  Holistic Program is to get equipped with techniques for balancing body,mind,spirit and emotions.It works at all levels on the premise that each person finds identity, meaning and purpose in life through connections to himself first , and then to the natural world. This automatically develops humanitarian values such as peace and

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14. Happiness - A New Competitive Advantage

We live under the myth that happiness is an outcome of success. That if we work like a maniac we will be successful and only if we are successful we become happy. But thanks to the burgeoning field of positive psychology research, social scientists we are finding out that the opposite is true. When we are

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15. Creating a Culture of Peak Performance

Pre-requisite: This program is a follow-on program from ‘Happiness - A New Competitive Advantage.’ Staff members must attend ‘Happiness - A New Competitive Advantage’ to successfully participate in this program and create a sustainable difference for themselves or their organization.

Locations: All India

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16. Get hired as a Software Tester

Testing Basics

  • Introduction to Software Testing
  • Product lifecycle and tester’s role with focus on Agile/Scrum methodologies
  • Create and modify test plans and test strategies
  • Create high level scenarios, test cases, and test data to do testing
  • Log defects and understand the defect
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17. Certification Program in Self Development - Awaken the Excellence Within

Each one of us wants more than what we currently have: more income, more assets, more success, more of loving relationships and so on. However, the key to get more than what we have is to become more than what we are. Self-development is the key that enables us to become more than what we are today. Our comprehensive certification program

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18. Leadership & Personality Development

Our communication skills account for 85% of our success in personal & professional life, with due respect & value to our technical skills. The employers nowadays, are looking for team players who are good in communication skills, are flexible to work with global teams, can represent their brand, display the values which match the

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