Ideation & Business Model

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PWG Leap™

A Start-up in the age group of 1–3 years, with revenue source, and defined customer base.


Qualifying and disqualifying a prospect, Sales and marketing strategy Marketing Support

Collaborating with competition & networking to grow their business

Help to Pivot quickly from a bad product, a bad hire or a bad customer

Pricing and Cost issue resolution

Defining their ideal client profile for Focus

Up-skilling and Certification Programs from eminent institutions of India

Ways to thrive on limited resources

Awareness and improvements to team understanding of Consumer Behavior, Customer delight (Unfriendly product, Difficult to buy)

Defining and preparing structure, processes and policy framework

Open communication with team, Team-work, Delegation, Trust Team Building (Skill development)

Product validation from Target segment users

PWG Prodigy™

A Start-up in the age group of 0 – 1 year, with no identified revenue source.


Team skill development and Certification program

Guidance and support on company registration and Basic legal advice

Support in Ideation to Revenue generation

Student Handbook and Learning Outcome tracker

Meet-up and Competitions to build skills and confidence

Awareness about key functions, Sales, Marketing, Finance, operations, CRM, IT, HR, and strategy

Go-to-market support and Visibility on platform

9 key components of Business Model Canvas

Awareness, Assessment, Development, mentoring, and Enablement

Access to (Silver Plan)

Boot-strapping, Working capital management, MVP, Pilot testimonials, Fund raising awareness and exposure to potential investors

Sample Product/Service testing with target customers, Feedback, and corrective changes