Our Approach


Prowisdom.in is a digital platform for education management which brings in domain experts and professionals across the globe to connect through technology, with an objective to enable the youth with skills to strengthen their present and build their future.

This is a platform for the knowledge seekers and knowledge providers to engage in different forums. As part of this platform, we provide access to blogs, videos. We also conduct workshops, seminars in multiple cities.

We have a hand picked group of professionals from various business segments and functional domains, who are keen to add value to the youth by sharing their wisdom, their experiences, their knowledge and imparting their skills in the way the younger generation likes to learn : with freedom and flexibility.

It has a continuity to the learning experience, a valuable industry connect, an opportunity to interact with a subject matter expert, a professional who can educate them about the pros and cons of choosing and living their profession.

It offers flexibility in time, when the youth can give their complete attention to a topic or area of their interest like reading a blog or watching an industry leader's interview. The youth can get inspired and motivated by the stories and experiences of the professionals in an interactive session, talk where they get to listen to professionals and leaders who are living their profession, and where the youth is aspiring to reach in the next 5-10 years.

The value gained would help the youth to join the dots, get a perspective to their thought, build conviction, strengthen their resolve, get a clear sense of direction at the right time of their life.

We are confident that the value to both the subscriber and professional contributor would result in generating sustainable economic growth for the academic and professional ecosystem.

The following are the channels to connect –

  • In person during a talk, discussion, debate
  • Through the website: Regular blogs by thought leaders/Articles and insights by professionals
  • On the field with Joint industry projects/ Collaborating to use the knowledge into a practical knowledge/experiential learning
  • Coaching
  • Mentoring
  • On line Q&A sessions
  • Industry visits, interlocks with senior management and internship opportunity
  • Creating a user profile for feeding in current stage and expected stage both for personal and professional goals; a diary or repository for self-development and learning