Understanding Teenage development for Teens & Parents for overall personality
About the Program

Approach each parent and school boys and girls with the idea of helping him or her to solve a personal problem on physical, emotional, reproduction, sexual development, health, hygiene issues. Overall personality development is necessary along with formal education. Skills development is needed in current competitive situation. BODY & MIND developed during TEENAGE will last forever in future responsibilities.

Our Physical body development and fitness as well as communication skills account for 85% of our success in personal & professional life, with due respect & value to our technical skills. 

The employers nowadays, are looking for ready to work type team players have learned the skills of their business requirements.  Communication skills can be developed for every sector of life.

Who Should Attend?

This Program is designed for lifetime grooming, so once engaged, will remain engaged till parent and student wish to. Minimum one year of engagement will be needed. Duration of time cannot be fixed as every boy and girl are different and having different personal needs and capability to learn. 

A certificate of participation (Understanding Teenage development) would be provided at the end of successful completion of this hybrid program. 

  • HEALTH is the only WEALTH you have. 
  • WEALTH cannot be able to buy HEALTH.
  • YOU can only take care of your HEALTH.
  • SEX is not injurious to HEALTH, but it is a BASIC need of married life.


Programs charges 

This program is to be customized as per individual need and students and parents need to remain in touch for minimum one-year period and then after as and when required. 

Annual Membership: Rs 2400/ first year and then after Rs 1000/- every year renewal

Connectivity through online video talk/chat, Email, WhatsApp, YouTube throughout the year. Suitable mutual timings will be decided for live interactions.

Workshop as and when conducted by institute in various cities.


Contact Details:

Dr Jyot Mohanlal: 9978613218

Key Take-aways
  • Each parent and school student will be made aware on physical, emotional and reproductive sexual development as well as on personnel health and hygiene, as lifestyle grooming.
  • Emotional relationship understanding between parent and son/daughter student and developing the best friend relationship. 


Interactive program in the form of a hybrid Program with online Mentoring for one year & offline Skill Development workshops with experiential learning as and when required, video insights, content writing, Life Interest and career Planning & Roadmap setting, video recording analysis, situational role plays & project assignment. All participants get to build up PEER educator.