Creating a Culture of Peak Performance
About the Program

Pre-requisite: This program is a follow-on program from ‘Happiness - A New Competitive Advantage.’ Staff members must attend ‘Happiness - A New Competitive Advantage’ to successfully participate in this program and create a sustainable difference for themselves or their organization.

Locations: All India

Certification: Certification will be awarded based on practical work assignments and an evaluation at the end of the program.

The secret to more productive work places isn’t spending more money. Providing regular technical and soft skills training programs along with offering them a conducive physical environment are merely hygiene factors or maintenance factors; but they are not sufficient for the employees to give their best to the organization. Many good organizations provide top salaries, a number of allowances from housing to education to transport and travel but still fail to create an engaged workforce. At the same time some others like Google extend the benefits further by lavishing your staff with free massage parlours, cafes, artisan bakeries and Jacuzzis in their offices to help increase the motivation levels. Yet, these are not sufficient to create a culture of high performance.

In the first program ‘Happiness - A New Competitive Advantage’ we took your employees on a journey within – to explore, appreciate and become aware of their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels of operation.

This program, ‘Creating a Culture of Peak Performance’ is the second step in this journey – implementing the learning of the first program. In a way, the first program has prepared and primed your staff for a higher degree of motivation, performance, collaboration and responsiveness. ‘Creating a Culture of High Performance’ will translate these self-leadership skills into actual work culture by a series of six power-packed activities that will have a tremendous impact on your workplace environment. Implementation of the program will increase staff productivity, increase collaboration, reduce stress levels and eventually increase staff loyalty and make your organization an employer of choice.

This program:

  • Takes a scientific approach to building a culture of high performance
  • Is based on research studies on human motivation and positive psychology
  • Is purely based on activities and experiencing the outcomes of the activities
Who Should Attend?

To transform the entire organizational culture to a ‘culture of peak performance’ every member of the organization or office – from support staff to the CEO – should participate in this program. Participation of only certain members of the staff will not create an organization wide and sustainable impact.

Key Take-aways

Creating a Culture of Peak Performance’ will help the employees:

  • To become more focused and productive
  • To become more collaborative and supportive of the overall objectives of the organization
  • To create a stress-free environment for themselves and others
  • To feel a higher degree of passion and purpose in their jobs

Creating a Culture of Peak Performance’ will help the organization:

  • To make the employees give their best to their work
  • To increase staff engagement, collaboration and responsiveness
  • To build a culture of high performance among the employees that will eventually impact the bottom line
  • To increase staff retention and become an employer of choice