Selling Skills for Professional Success
About the Program

“Approach each customer with the idea of helping him or her to solve a problem or achieve a goal, not of selling a product or service.” – Brian Tracy.

Our communication skills account for 85% of our success in personal & professional life, with due respect & value to our technical skills. 

The employers nowadays, are looking for team players who can build up their business, bring in Sales to improve their Revenue earnings, are good in communication skills, are flexible to work with global teams, can represent their brand, display the values which match the company ethics and are global not just local in their outlook but their approach to life, since the business of companies has shifted from being local to being global in nature.

Selling Skills includes a combination of professional communication Skills, an appropriate Image Management, Body Language & Corporate Etiquette which are crucial elements of Sales Success. 

Selling skills is of paramount importance professionally for an aspiring professional, an Entrepreneur or even a management student, as it sets a positive & successful environment for the their professional future once they step out into the real world as even when they sit in an interview, they are selling their personal brand & communicating about the value their skills bring to a potential employer.


Who Should Attend?


Interactive program in the form of a hybrid Program with online Mentoring & offline Skill Development workshops with experiential learning, case study analysis, video insights, content writing, Sales Planning & Goal setting, video recording analysis, situational role plays & project assignment. All participants get to build up as a Program follow up & their experience sharing through a sustainable mentor - mentee engagement.


Program Duration & Certification:

This Program is designed for 30 hours for a defined batch of participants. 

A certificate of participation (Basics in Selling Skills) would be provided at the end of successful completion of this hybrid program. 

We would also guide & support interested participants to apply for Jobs through our platform as & when they are ready to work.

“A Goal is a dream with a deadline.” – Napoleon Hill

Key Take-aways
  •  All the participants develop their understanding of the importance of Sales in Professional & Business context.
  • Through the skills, their etiquette towards other people in general improves the interpersonal relationships between people & professionals with whom they interact with making them effective team players.
  • Participants become confident of themselves through critical communication skills, understand their own social style, strengths & display an effective use of body language when deputed on mission critical professional work assignments.
  • Collaboration with peers in different geography through Networking Skills
  • Public speaking and articulating thoughts confidently during any communication
  • An overall sense of pride and positive self-esteem that they are unique and the best