Thinking and Innovation Certification Course
About the Program

Companies like Toyota, and Apple, which have stood the test of time, have continuously been competitive at the market place and have evolved as per changing consumer needs, have focused on creating a culture of innovation using the principles of Design Thinking. They have created products which satisfy real needs of customer, are technologically superior and fulfil requirements of business. In this course you will learn how to create winning products and services using the principles of deisgn thinking and innovation.

It is a simulation based course wherein participants walk through the entire journey of identification of customer needs till conceptualising a product or service using Design Thinking

Who Should Attend?

Engineering and Management Students, Working professionals across levels 

Key Take-aways
  • Identification of customer needs - stated and implied
  • Capturing Customer needs
  • Conceptualisation of product or service
  • Application of Creativity
  • Examples from various industries 
  • Design of product or services 
  • Financial Analysis