Certification Program in Self Development - Awaken the Excellence Within
About the Program

Each one of us wants more than what we currently have: more income, more assets, more success, more of loving relationships and so on. However, the key to get more than what we have is to become more than what we are. Self-development is the key that enables us to become more than what we are today. Our comprehensive certification program titled ‘Awaken the Excellence Within’ is meticulously designed to enable individuals to become aware of what they are capable of, help them look at their existing paradigms and change to get better results in key areas of their lives.

Certificate: Self Development Practitioner or Self Development Expert

Certification method:

  1. Demonstration of actual usage of at least 2 tools/frameworks covered during the course
  2. Scoring 70% or more in an online objective question type examination
  3. Mentoring one junior colleague or student on at least 2 tools learnt during the course.

Duration: 25 hours (16 hours classroom and 9 hours online).

Who Should Attend?

Any smart professional who wants to achieve faster, methodical and lasting success and help others do the same by his/her own example. This program is ideal for any intelligent, ambitious individual who wants to follow proven processes that lead to success.

Key Take-aways
  • Why we are the way we are?
  • Structure of our mind and its influence on the results we get in our lives
  • Six steps to develop a robust self-development plan
  • Five ‘Power tools’ to immediately start the Self Development Journey