Employability Details


Be it a professional, vocational or management course, Students in the age group of 18-25 years, need to hone their knowledge and skills in multiple areas before they become industry ready. Also, there are several instances where the students are pursuing certain course and their area of interest is elsewhere.

At Prowisdom, we endeavour to provide students with the required tools, the access to relevant industry segments and forums to engage and hone their skills, both basic and advanced, in their area of interest. The idea is to ensure that students are able to meet the current industry expectation.

Some of the focus areas offered for skill development are:

  • Personality Development & Image Management
  • Body Language & Corporate Etiquettes
  • Business English Communication Certification from Cambridge University Press
  • Certified Investment Professional
  • Data Analytics
  • Medical Coding
  • Team work and adapting to a new environment
  • Entrepreneurship and converting an idea into a business plan with a viable product
  • Confidence to represent their best during Group Discussion and Interviews
  • Public speaking and articulating thoughts during communication
  • Understanding the start-up language, converting an idea into a product or service

Organizations spend lot of man hours imparting training in various technical and non-technical areas as part of the talent upgrade and retention programs. It has been observed that only a small percentage of the knowledge shared is utilized by the individual which again needs to be honed, either with new skills or by polishing the existing ones. Apart from the identified areas, there is little done to explore the interests of the individuals.

Our experiential learning experience provides a model to build collaboration and co-operation at workplace, thus enhancing the productivity. It is a methodology of social learning and learning by sharing. It is open, transparent and diverse which enables an integrated social learning at workplace and beyond. Currently the employees and students are using social media/networks to form trusted networks of people, keep themselves updated on industry trends, and also solve personal or professional challenges.

The organization for which these employees work, are also benefited as they get fresh thinking and an outside in perspective of the situation on hand. The learners (students or employees) experience an independent learning which is continuous, on demand, flexible, empowering and helps build new skills. Apart from this,

  • Social networks enable knowledge sharing in a structured manner
  • Knowledge sharing builds trust which fosters innovation and new ideas/ways to look at any given situation
  • Innovation and its outcome reinforce the wisdom back to social networks, impacting newer and diverse set of team members, be it students of school and colleges, employees, or senior professionals. It becomes a value chain and a cycle of continuous growth.

This platform endeavours to bring a pragmatic change. Some of the conventional and unconventional areas where this change can be observed are,

  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Career counselling
  • Communication skills
  • Mentoring by an industry expert or veteran
  • Performing Managerial Role (what it takes to perform at your boss’ place)
  • Team building
  • Define success
  • Understand the importance of values in management practices and corporate governance
  • Motivation
  • Business and spiritual values which are impacted during the long term growth
  • Public speaking
  • Influencing others
  • Body language
  • Social styles
  • Understand and learn/upskill the employee for the emerging economy
  • Meet a CXO and learn from their life experiences
  • Manage finances
  • Coaching by an expert for a specific skill development

In the current day and age, employees are getting evaluated based on their online footprint. Their data are being analysed at all times. Building up of reputation is interlinked beyond getting a coveted job, in a connected world. Learn skills required to thrive in an emerging economy.