Happiness - A New Competitive Advantage
About the Program

We live under the myth that happiness is an outcome of success. That if we work like a maniac we will be successful and only if we are successful we become happy. But thanks to the burgeoning field of positive psychology research, social scientists we are finding out that the opposite is true. When we are happy – when we have a positive mindset and mood – we are smarter, more motivated and thus more productive and successful.

Unfortunately, businesses and their leaders have not taken cognizance of this revolution in the field of positive psychology. Businesses continue to invest into technical and run-of-the-mill soft skills training programs hoping that these skills would quickly impact their productivity and bottom line. However, most of these training programs teach superficial skills while the deep machinations of the mind and psychology remain untapped. Hence, at the end of a typical training program employees come back to their workplaces only to revert back to their normal mindset and behavior.

Smarter organizations, all around the world, have figured out that to have any sustainable impact on the productivity and bottom line, they have to work at a deeper level. They realized that if they can help their employees to have a positive mindset and outlook, not just in their work but in their lives in general, they will have a more balanced, stable, engaged and collaborative workforce.

‘Happiness – A New Competitive Advantage’ is a course that will take the participants on a journey within; to explore their own mind and brain. Using scientific research, interactive activities and mind tools, the course will help employees to become more self-aware and more happy. Research confirms that happy employees are more productive, more innovative, more creative, more collaborative and more responsible. Happy employees also lead to happy customers. Positive psychology of employees can offer breakthrough success and sustainable leadership to companies that invest in it and can become a powerful competitive edge in today’s professional world.

This program:

  • Takes a scientific approach to positive psychology
  • Is based on research studies in the field of happiness and productivity
  • Is interactive, activity and self-assessment based
  • Does not take any religious or faith based approach to happiness and fulfillment

Locations: All India

Certification: Certification will be awarded based on practical work assignments and an evaluation at the end of the program

Who Should Attend?

Happiness is an inside job but its impact is felt across the organization. Happiness is also contagious – happy employees breed more happiness, motivation, productivity and collaboration among others around them. Hence, ‘Happiness – A New Competitive Advantage’ is a training program for all levels of staff, from support staff to CEOs.

Key Take-aways

With ‘Happiness – A New Competitive Advantage’ the participants will be able to:

  • Understand personal social style and how to communicate with other styles
  • Differentiate between the types of happiness.
  • Understand the deep working of their brains
  • Become aware of the root causes of unhappiness
  • Appreciate the journey to happiness
  • Practice tools for positive psychology
  • Apply the new mind-set in their lives and workplace immediately
  • Feel a new sense of awareness, energy and positivity