How it works

 1. Skill awareness
 2. Skill assessment
 3. Skill development & Mentoring
 4. Enablement


Prowisdom Growth connects aspiring professionals and students of schools, colleges across India to some of the most experienced and knowledgeable global academicians and corporate executives of the industry in India and across the globe. This is a platform to connect, learn, collaborate, strengthen peer to peer learning across geographies, thus creating economic value for its subscribers and their family.

The services offered are designed to empower people, enabling them with means to progress on the path “of achieving their personal and professional goals” in a structured and measurable manner.

What to expect? As a registered user of this platform, you can



  • Get to showcase your skills and talent, awards and achievements and build your professional profile and network with professionals.



  • Meet professionals and business leaders, get to interact with them. Ask questions which you always wanted to ask and gain a rich perspective
  • Watch the interviews of subject matter experts, industry professionals, leaders, academicians and take on learning which matter to you the most. View them multiple times, based on your time and attention span through a flexible learning approach
  • Access to numerous articles, thoughts and blogs from the professionals/mentors about their personal and professional wisdom
  • Choose the services of a mentor to get groomed for the next level, stage of your life by listening to them and learning from their experiences in a structured manner
  • Get an opportunity to remain connected with them through the, get a chance to follow them online through their professional journey. Learn from them as they share their learning on a regular basis



  • Discuss and collaborate with other professionals / mentors and other subscribers / mentees within your group on topics of mutual interest, industry lead projects
  • Get an opportunity to work on a project under the industry guidance and supervision to convert theory into practical knowledge, connect your learning to the practical world and gain valuable perspective from professionals who are overcoming real world problems, challenges and opportunities


Stay Connected

  • Get regular updates on the events happening in your city conducted by Prowisdom Growth like public speaking sessions, debates and extempore to develop confidence and give shape to the future leader in you.