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”The jury members were very interactive and we got good suggestions for what we presented. The program was interesting, motivational and inspirational.”

Team Genofoot, Jaagannath International School(Delhi), 

Business Plan Pitching Competition on 18th Aug 2018

“It was an amazing experience! We learnt a lot of things. It was a great and unique platform to put ourselves forward.”

Team Greenoplast, D.A.V. Public School(Sector 49, Gurugram) , 

Business Plan Pitching Competition on 18th Aug 2018

“It really gave us a huge exposure to not only our startup idea but also other startup ventures. This improved our thinking power and ability to start-up any ventures in the near future. We understood how real life Entrepreneurship works.”

Team W.E., Scottish High International School(Gurugram), 

Business Plan Pitching Competition on 18th Aug 2018

I like the overall program because it is very useful for my future. I learnt how to make a team/group, how to select an idea from multiple ideas, and so many things I learnt from this program

Ms. Megha Pardeshi, Student, K. K. Wagh Institute of Engineering Education & Research, Nashik (Maharashtra)

Session on Entrepreneurship & Skill Development on 28th Aug, 2018

Today I acquired the knowledge about basics to be implemented to start a business. I do require mentoring for more techniques to run a business

Mr. Jai Parkhe, Student, K. K. Wagh Institute of Engineering Education & Research, Nashik (Maharashtra)

Session on Entrepreneurship & Skill Development on 28th Aug, 2018

I loved the topics which speaker shared with us. Today I got to learn some basics of entrepreneurship and some plans about how to start a business. Kindly conduct more such workshops

Mr. Yash Sankhe, Student, K. K. Wagh Institute of Engineering Education & Research, Nashik (Maharashtra)

Session on Entrepreneurship & Skill Development on 28th Aug, 2018

It was a remarkable seminar. I have a great curiosity about these kinds of sessions. It was a confidence booster, I've learnt the skills for expressing something

Mr Jagmail Singh, Student, Colonel Public School, Churan Kalan, Sangrur, (Punjab)

Session on Body language & Image Management on 2nd Aug 2018

I learnt many meaningful things like the use of facial expressions, body language, use of skills in education and many more

Ms Harvinder Kaur, Student, Jaijee Degree College, Gurne Kalan, Sangrur (Punjab)

Skill Development orientation program on 6th Aug 2018

I have learnt about the self-confidence and body language, also that we should be humble & friendly to all irrespective of our race, gender, age, caste, and creed

Ms Mandeep Kaur, Student, Guru Harikrishan Public School, Patran (Punjab)

Skill Development orientation for students on 1st Aug 2018

Interesting workshop. Today I have learnt so many things like, Handshake should be according to the other person personality, Vocal communication, Body postures, Dressing according to the occasion, Prioritizing things according to their importance.

Mrs Kavita Giri, Teacher, G.N International School, Ratia (Haryana)

Skill Development for Educators on 14th July 2018

What i liked about it most was getting corporate knowledge and work experience in my first year of UG at Delhi University

Saurabh Chaudhary, A student of Keshav Mahavidyalaya College, D.U

For the Internship Experience in Jan 2018 on Jan 2018

Prowisdom growth has given me a platform to portray my business plan in front of an experienced jury who have given me their inputs on my business plan. Their inputs have improved my business plan as the jury members belonged to various fields and specialized in each one of them. I have been honored to be a part of the Prowisdom team and I thank them for their support and guidance to the today’s youth and helping them build their career and choose their path.

Varin Agarwal, A student of class XII at Scottish High International School, Gurgaon

For using our Mentoring services & as participant in our B-Plan competition in Jan 2018 on Jan 2018

We got an exposure to professionals who gave important insights. Such an interactive session between the presentations. We would like you to collaborate with Enactus Ramjas to enlighten the students there as well.

Angira Shukla, Student of Ramjas College

Participated with her team in B-Plan Pitching Competition on 3rd Jan 2018 at YMCA Delhi. on 3rd Jan 2018

Although we are quite new to this event, we are really thankful as we have learned a lot from the judges and fellow mates too, great suggestions for all.

Keshav Narula, Student of Delhi University

Participated with his team in B-Plan Pitching Competition on 3rd Jan 2018 at YMCA Delhi. on 3rd Jan 2018

Thank you for such a wonderful program. Got to learn a lot.

Anamika Parashar, Student of Sri Aurobindo College

Participated with her team in B-Plan Pitching Competition on 3rd Jan 2018 at YMCA Delhi. on 3rd Jan 2018

I learned the value of First Impressions & how to make others feel comfortable. I really liked the method in which such important information was brought up to us. It was just a really great experience

Kairavi Sarup, School Student

Workshop on “Body Language & First Impression” at Lotus Valley International School, Noida on 9th October, 2017

It’s been a transformational class, we find a lot of changes in us before and after the completion of the Program

Anurag Mishra, MBA student at SOIL, Gurgaon

Skill Development Program “English Language Proficiency “at School of Inspired Leadership on 2nd November, 2017

It’s a unique program that helped me to become a better person. Both the faculty are amazing, eager to teach us in the most effective manner

Ajay Dahiya, MBA student at SOIL,Gurgaon

Skill Development Program “English Language Proficiency “at School of Inspired Leadership on 2nd November, 2017

It’s a very thoughtful venture with great vision and sincerity of the team will surely take it to heights. Great platform for students, academics and industry to connect.

Vishal Goel, Associate Professor- Finance & Tax at IILM

Experience sharing after calling Team Prowisdom Growth to IILM in 2016 & 2017 on March 2017

It’s a land of Opportunity. Awesome people who are always ready to help basically the interns at any time. Memorable experiences and increase my various skills that I was afraid to develop.
Thank you Prowisdom for this.
Thanks to Puneet Sir and Mamta Ma'am as well.

Manu Pandey, Student at Ansal University

Experience sharing post completing an internship at Reliance Communications Ltd through on August 2017

Prowisdom growth is the best platform to achieve big in life. They helped me to sharpen my skills, and to overcome my fears and constantly support to explore my best potential.

Sanya Gautam, 

Experience sharing post completing an internship at Tata Communications Ltd through on Jul 2017

I think what PWG does is something that is really needed today. There are a lot of companies who provide similar services but what make PWG special is that they hold your hands from 11th till you are leaders of your domain.

Rishabh Goel, Student at SGND Khalsa College

Attended skill development session and did an internship in 2016 and 2017 from on May 2017

I personally have served as an intern at Prowisdom Growth Pvt Ltd and can assure that it provides a large platform in context to modernization of education services. It provides very helpful resources for both school and college students, and working professionals. It is an interface which builds the student's path towards success.

Nishant Dash, Student at The College of Engineering and Technology, Bhubaneswar

Experience sharing post his internship at on March 2017

Prowisdom Growth is doing a fantastic job if connecting the academic world with the real world by imparting skills that will help students becomes more successful in their careers, whether as executives in the corporate world or as entrepreneurs venturing out on their own. Founder Puneet Raman's passion and commitment is evident in the quality of work and dedication to the mission. I wish Prowisdom Growth more success and greater heights.

Deepak Mehra, Head of Asset Management and Advisory in Commercial Bank of Dubai and the author of Ready Steady Go

Experience sharing as a professional contributor on on July 2016

I have been fortunate enough to attend a session by Mr. Puneet Raman in School of Inspired Leadership in 2016. He is not only a motivational speaker but also a mentor and a coach. He carries strong values with his organization and that reflects when I see him covering so many schools and colleges starting from tier- I & II cities to metro cities.
This organisation helps students to build effective communication skill and etiquettes to be ready for corporate life. Wishing this organization all the best and keep motivating students to lead a better professional life.

Rakesh Pradhan, MBA student at SOIL, Gurgaon

Experience sharing as a subscriber of on March 2017

Connecting with Prowisdom Growth has been a life changing experience for me. Have never come across such humble and value based person like Puneet Sir. He works for adding value to others and fulfilling the larger purpose of making others grow.
I have felt the need of gaining from experience of the experienced and it's an asset for every student especially in this competitive environment. I strongly recommend everyone to gain advantage of services offered by Prowisdom Growth.You will feel the change, just like I did!!

Gurpreet Babbar, Student at SGTB Khalsa College

Experience sharing as a D.U student who did his internship at on April 2017

Prowisdom is a best place to develop your personality and learn more about specific areas you are interested in....which is utmost important when you get in a corporate world..This is rarely provided by any other competitors of Prowisdom...
I would suggest everyone to go for their services and explore it ...and they are not charging too much for it ...worth spending and getting great exposure and result out of it.

Anju Maurya, MBA student of Fortune Institute of International Business

Experience sharing after completing an internship at on March 2017

PWG is a great initiative in education management as it helps the students to connect with industry leaders and gain insights on how to pursue their field of interest. I connected with PWG in the final year of my BTech and it was a great learning experience.
The type of education we are getting these days from schools or colleges is not enough to compete when we go out for jobs.
And this is where PWG comes into play as it helps to inculcate the right skills which are required in the industry and also helps students to build their own network.I believe that students should join PWG as it not only helps in mentoring but also helps in building network which in long run is very beneficial.

Ramit Sharma, Working at Bank of America

Experience sharing after completing an internship at, got a job opportunity through at Bank of America on August 2017

I recently got an opportunity to come in contact with Prowisdom Growth and they have provided me with a very internship during summer in Reliance communication. It was a great add on to my skills and confidence.

I am having a very good experience with Prowisdom Growth. It will provide you a proper passage for all round development in your personality and skill, and will always remind with opportunity in the market best suited for you.

Sumit Kumar, An engineering student at CIC, D.U

Experience sharing after completing an internship through on August 2017

The program was very inspirational as we came to know what are our goals, what are the ways to achieve our goals and the time period for it.

Pooja, Student at Dayal Singh Public School, Panipat

Workshop on” Time Management and different career avenues” on 29th August ,2016 at Dayal Singh Public School, Panipat. on 29th August ,2016

The program was very impressive, I learned different aspects of Body Language and that it cannot be taken casually. Also that confidence is the key to success.

Riddhi Battu, Student at Scottish High International School

Workshop on “Body Language and Image Management” on 19th May, 2017 at Scottish High International School. on 19th May, 2017

The Program was very informative and highlighted a very important trait i.e. Public Speaking & discussion. It was very informative and made all participants confident.

Merenienla Yaden, Class 11th student at Sanskrit School

Workshop on “Time Management and Business Model Canvas” at Sanskriti School on 24th May, 2017. on 24th May, 2017

I learned how to connect our soul or spirit with the divine power. I learned about importance of meditation.

Mansi, 11th Student Prince Public School

Workshop on “The value of spirituality & meditation for Stress Management” at Prince Public School Sector-24 Rohini on 18th May, 2017

I liked the entire 3 day program , it made me a better communicator & taught me How to present ourselves. To think Positive and take life easy

Priyanka Sharma, B.Ed Student

3 Day Workshop on “ Experiential Learning for Budding Teachers “ at Laureate Education Centre, Shimla. on 18th October 2016

Earlier, I was very much confused about my goal, but after attending the session I’m pretty sure about my target in life & have promised myself not to get easily influenced

Kanika Dawar, Engineering Student

Workshop on “Get Job Ready Skills “at IIT Delhi for Engineering students from multiple colleges on 23rd June 2016

The speaker told us How to present ourselves in front of an Interviewer. He even showed us varieties of scope after completing our education in Civil Engineering

Parvez Khan, College Student at Inderprastha Engineering College, Sahibabad

Workshop on “ Getting Job Ready Skills for Civil Engineers” at IPEC, Sahibabad on 21st Sept 2016

Dream Big, Dream every time & work hard, work every time. Be straight to your idea and work hard to launch your dream. It was a pleasure to hear from you

Hanuman Meena, Student at Cluster Innovation Centre, D.U

Workshop on “Entrepreneurship & Business Model Canvas” at Cluster Innovation Centre, Delhi University on 22nd February 2017

I have learned a lot about How to write a Resume, What is Statement of Purpose & How to represent myself during an Interview

Suman Kaswan, College Student at Miranda House

Seminar on “Resume Preparation Skills “at Miranda House College, Delhi University on 31st August 2016

I got to learn about the Business Model Plan, it was an interactive session and very knowledgeable. I got to learn about features and loopholes of a business plan

Sweta Gupta, Student of BESC, Kolkata

Workshop on “ Entrepreneurship & Business Model Canvas” at Bhowanipur Education Society College, Kolkata on 4th October 2016

I liked the way how Body Language can be used as an effective communication tool

George Lalneikung, MBA Student, IIM Kashipur

Workshop on “Body Language for Professionals” at IIM Kashipur on 12th Dec 2016

I found this program really helpful in everyway. I came to know the actual importance of presenting ourselves to strangers and what amount of impact it makes on other’s impression about us

Sravya Jayakumar, Engineering Student at APIIT SD College, Panipat

Interactive Seminar on “"Image Management to help you in your personal and professional life" on 5th August, 2016

The gestures that were taught were helpful along with the business dressing etiquettes ; we would love to have more of such sessions as we believe these are key ingredients to business

Phalguni Panda, MBA Student at School of Inspired Leadership, Gurgaon

Workshop on “Body Language for Professionals” on 11th August, 2016

A talk by an industry expert on Big Data Analytics was new & welcome. Got good insights into tools, techniques, case studies and applications.

Dharmesh Mahamwal, Employee at S&P Capital IQ

An interactive seminar to empower digital knowledge & skill development on “ Big Data Analytics – Tools, Techniques, Trends” at S&P Capital IQ, Gurgaon on 3rd Feb 2016

Firstly, thank you for conducting such a wonderful workshop as it didn’t only teach on a broad aspect of self-development. The program was not only about the professional skills but also taught things that help you grow personally. Moreover, I now believe in myself.

Renasha Ghimire, College Student

Workshop on “ Leading in 4 Dimensions & Resume Preparation” at Unit of Applied Psychology, South Campus, Delhi University on 18th March 2016

What I liked most about the programme is a learning experience about motivation, self- respect, confidence. How to introduce you to your own self.

Simran Negi, School Student

Seminar on “Goal Setting, Communication Skills & Self Confidence” at Govt. Girls School in Portmore, Shimla, H.P on 26th April 2016

I liked the program very much, specially the activity based program. It helps me to build up my confidence, & making a goal centred life. Hope in future it will really help me.

Mukesh Kumar, B.Ed. College Student

3 Day Teacher Training Workshop on “Image Management & Business Etiquette” at Department of Education, Shimla, Himachal Pradesh. on 30th April 2016

The thing that I liked the most in today’s session was that how Puneet Sir told us that getting good marks should not be our goal in life. It is good in short run but for a long run our focus should be gaining knowledge and improving our skills.

Avani Sharma, School Student

Interactive Seminar on “ Body Language, Group Discussion & Interview Skills” at Sanskriti School, Chanakyapuri, Delhi. on 9th May 2016

This was an interesting session, reminded me of a lot of points that are generally taken for granted or forgotten in everyday life, which go a long way. I learnt the importance of creating a correct first impression; how to create the right impressions; different components to be kept in mind for social & business situations.

Neha Dalal, Key Account Manager, Reliance Communications Ltd

Workshop on “Image Management & Business Etiquette” for Professionals on 16th Jan 2016

I liked the most in today’s workshop about how to manage ourselves, how to communicate with others. To explore, to learn, to take leadership roles & come out from our self-limiting beliefs.

Rakshika Singh, School Student

Seminar on “Difference between a Job & a Career” at a school in Ghaziabad on 22nd Jan 2016

How to manage your image & leave a good impression. How to generate a good content for speech, how to stop speaking when you start speaking.

Aakanksha, College Student

Workshop on “ Public Speaking & First Impressions” at IP College, Delhi University on 20th Jan 2016

This program helped me a lot in managing my school & improving my relations with school children. So, keep on guiding us like this from time to time.

Mrs. Kiran Gupta, School Principal

Workshop on “ Teaching in 4 Dimensions & Teachers are Leaders” at a school on 12th March 2016

It is very special workshop for me, & the “appreciation” part of this workshop has changed me. We learnt how to make a request to other people, very thankful to your team for giving me lots of knowledge. We would never forget this workshop. Thankyou.

Nisha Chauhan, School Teacher

Workshop on “ Teaching in 4 Dimensions & Teachers are Leaders” at a school on 12th March 2016

The program gave insights about the most important aspect : Image Management & little techniques that were provided. It was worth attending as it provided knowledge & techniques one has to use in every walk of life.

Sanya Ahuja, College Student

Workshop on “ Image Management & Business Etiquette” at Keshav Mahavidyalaya, Delhi University on 29th Jan 2016

The best part was that all important topics relating to the India Economy were shared in precise manner. Transition from Classroom To Corporate World. Importance of learning from previous experiences. Difference between sense of entitlement & sense of confidence. Comparision between being an Achiever Vs a Careerist.

Saikiran, MBA Student

Workshop on “ Cracking the Corporate Code” at IIM Rohtak on 11th March 2016



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