Leadership & Personality Development
About the Program

Our communication skills account for 85% of our success in personal & professional life, with due respect & value to our technical skills. The employers nowadays, are looking for team players who are good in communication skills, are flexible to work with global teams, can represent their brand, display the values which match the company ethics and are global not just local in their outlook but their approach to life, since the business of companies has shifted from being local to being global in nature.

Image Management, Body Language and Corporate Etiquette are the elements of a student’s Image and are of paramount importance professionally, as it sets a positive and successful environment for the their professional future once they step out into the real world. Just as a company maintains its brand Image by following a set of quality procedures and principles, display of proper & professional corporate etiquette on the part of students ensures that an excellent impression is created in the minds of the employers who visit the campus or any professional out of campus who interacts with them for work opportunities in personal or on social media.

Globalization has also changed the trend of client meetings, business meetings, conferences and networking meets which are now held indoors, outdoors, over brunch, lunch etc. This demands a wholesome knowledge of habit formation, follow through, mind power & effective world class communication skills on the part of students to rise to the situation and make a positive impact in all such events.

Duration: 30 hours (5 hours of class room interaction & activities each day followed by an hour of online review 5 times) spread across 2 months.

Who Should Attend?

School & College Students who are looking at transitioning from their existing environment to the new environment of higher studies, internships, jobs or becoming an entrepreneur(creating employment).

Young professionals in the first 10 years of their professional work experience can also benefit immensely from this program, by adopting the globally relevant skills required to perform & succeed in the connected, global economy.

This program is ideal for every focused, self aware, confident & an ambitious individual who believes in bringing a positive change, who is committed to bring a difference to the world through their endeavors (whether as a student, employee, or an entrepreneur) & for those who love to challenge the status quo.

Key Take-aways
  • All the students exhibit appropriate and cordial behavior and adapt to the corporate expectations setting higher standards for themselves and their college as a whole. They become brand ambassadors for their institution and start progressing on their professional goals.
  • Etiquette towards other people in general improves the interpersonal relationships between students/ departments and professionals with whom they interact with. This change in their awareness and behavior makes them great and effective team players and makes it easy to adapt to a new environment
  • Students become confident of themselves through critical communication skills, understand their own social style, strengths and display effective use of body language when deputed on assignments within campus, in internships, in interviews, G.D & as a new employee or an entrepreneur.
  • Confidence to represent their best during Group Discussion & Interviews
  • Collaboration with peers in different geography
  • Public speaking and articulating thoughts during communication
  • Working in a connected world, and the global economy
  • An overall sense of pride and positive self-esteem that they are unique and the best