Data Analytics Professional
About the Program

Antrix Academy of Data Science is helping candidates to accelerate their career in data analytics by mastering concepts of Data Management, Statistics, Effective Data Visualization and Big Data from most influential Data Science leaders and academicians of India.

As the pace of business continues to accelerate, forward-looking organizations are beginning to realize that it is not enough to analyze their data; they must also take action on it. To do this, more businesses are beginning to systematically operationalize their analytics as part of a business- process.

Data analytics jobs are on the rise, with 1.5 million jobs expected to require analytical skills by 2020, and 190,000 needing deeper data analysis skills. Excel, SQL, R, SPSS, SAS and other programs are proving to be more useful and required every day, automatically giving trained candidates an edge in a competitive marketplace. Careers in data analytics, analytics management, and business intelligence are lucrative and high-growth, and are in-demand across industries.

Key Take-aways

The ability to analyze big data to better understand and predict human networks and behaviors in social structures

An understanding of the kind of data you are dealing with in your role, and the ability to conduct a preliminary analysis and draw hypotheses about the data

Proof of your knowledge of big data and data analytics in the form of a certificate from the Antrix Academy of Data Science