Who We Are


Prowisdom.in is an education management platform designed to enable and establish a valuable connection between learners and professionals/experts. Here, working professionals, take time out to impart knowledge and wisdom by sharing their valuable experiences with learners. This positively impacts the lives of learners who are young in terms of experience.

Our experiential learning process provides a dynamic forum to gain unique learning experience. Unlike a one time learning activity or training session, where the learning experience tends to drop within 60 - 90 days of participation if not practiced regularly, experiential learning provides a reflective learning experience. We integrate social values and knowledge sharing sessions of professionals from diverse industry backgrounds, with classroom knowledge exchange sessions, even in general conversations. We create groups among participants who are willing to learn from each other and provide a digital platform to connect remotely, share and learn.

The objective of this platform is to support its members to progress of the path of achieving their personal and professional goals, in a structured and measurable manner.

India is facing a huge opportunity as an emerging economy, as it is a top destination for global companies scouting for business expansion and talent hiring but find a skill gap (soft and hard) that is at times insurmountable.

India has a burgeoning youth population and is one of the largest talent pool across the world.

This is the key to continued prosperity of India.‘Make in India’ initiative also calls for developing entrepreneurship skills amongst the young so that focus shifts from employment to employment generation or self-employment

We understand that time and attention are the two most valuable resources of the current day and age. Hence, we have created multiple channels to transfer value from a professional’s wisdom to a group of learners who are currently at an early stage of growth curve. These channels enables learners to network, discover their potential, manage information overload, connect the dots to get a direction and share their experiences.

Skill development is very important to gain global competitiveness which ultimately contributes towards economic growth. To facilitate this, we have integrated the knowledge of soft skills with entrepreneurship skills in our learning and developmental activities. The pursuit of getting formal degrees there is always an intent to getting skilled. To achieve this, we bring an innovative and flexible approach for skill building outside the formal education and learning system. With our experiential learning mechanism, institutions, professionals and students can now work together to ensure seamless transition from learning to practicing new skills. This will help in building a strong eco-system, thereby contributing to the economic growth of the person, their family, their city, their country to positively impact the world economy.

We bring in valuable industry integration which helps learners acquire the skills to become employable faster and have a sustained livelihood in the ever changing world. If the learners are desirous of becoming entrepreneurs, apart from upskilling them, we provide the requisite confidence and direction to start business on their own, and create employment. The industry veterans and professionals share their valuable experiences and lessons learned with the youth to help them get the perspective, confidence, ambition to chase their dreams and create a world they want to live in.

We aspire the next generation of global innovators to come forward, contribute their innovative ideas and thoughts to the world, and build the knowledge ecosystem at the grassroots level.

Using this platform, we aim to maintain continuity in value creation for both learners and contributors/professionals, through an effective follow up mechanism. The professionals can continuously share their wisdom with the identified group of people having aspiration to grow their career, learn new skills, gain knowledge, and get new perspective and direction to achieve their personal and professional goals.

The value proposition for the givers is summarized through a quote:


“You give but little when you give of your possessions, it is when you give of yourself that you truly give”


Kahlil Gibran



We believe, one day "great" companies would not compete to be the Best in the world, but for being the Best "For" the world. Prowisdom Growth is working to build the leadership pipeline for "great" companies.



“To connect knowledge and wisdom seekers with professionals and subject experts, across the world to help them practise their learning’s and co-create mutual value for economic benefit of the community”