For Professional Contributors

We provide a global digital platform for you to network, share your experience, knowledge, and groom, mentor and coach the aspiring youth. Prowisdom Growth platform provides a wide range of channels to help you in this endeavour.

  • Build a strong external network by participating at speaker sessions as an industry representative
  • Inspire and motivate youngsters who are trying to identify with their life and career direction, build a network of followers who get influenced by your thoughts
  • Connect and engage with the youth – the future of workforce, and contribute to build talent with constructive inputs to shape their thoughts, and direct them towards progress on the path of achieving their personal and professional goals
  • Coach them for industry valued skill, mentor them for the direction they may take. Help them overcome their fears, mental barriers if any and support them to explore their best potential
  • Share challenging situations with the audience to get fresh perspective. This will help learn a unique way to look at a situation, resolve a problem or a challenge, understand the thinking pattern and aspirations of youth to connect with the challenging situations at workplace
  • When you share your life experiences and your journey, you get to know yourself better: what do you stand for as a leader, what are your values, what is your goal as a team and how would you achieve your goal
  • Build your social brand as a thought leader, beyond your work arena
  • Opportunity to grow as a leader by mentoring a youngster, as you have "been there, done that", you can guide them on the life ahead basis your life experiences. They would value knowing your perspective
  • Develop the future generation of the global workforce, with the correct set of values as they would be taking decisions impacting our lives
  • Last but not the least, you'll get immense happiness and respect from the youth for fuelling their aspirations, developing their skills and for meeting them to share your wisdom when they needed you the most

Would you like to grow as a leader & make a valuable difference to the youth as a mentor?

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