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1 Blog
Share your thoughts, learning, experiences with everyone on the platform. Showcase & practice your writing skills and network with professionals, subject experts, industry leaders & peers.
2 Diary
Find your purpose, define, write down & document your personal & professional goals, maintain a personal repository of your challenges, success, goal & wish list in a structured manner.
3 Insights
Gain a better understanding of a particular industry, job function, new skill, profession, global trends, simplify a concept, convert theory to application.
4 Interviews
Learn online from the experiences of industry leaders, professionals on their challenges, success, struggles, industry outlook, expected skills from you as an employee, emerging trends and get an awareness about a profession with its merits & demerits.
5 Seminars
Re-live the interaction online, where an industry leader speaks to a student audience about their professional and personal life journey, learn from their insights, the answers they gave to the students and feel a part of the event.
6 Workshops
Learn from the scheduled workshop at an institute for building industry relevant skills, time bound, activity based, intensive, positive learning experience for you.
7 Q & A
Get an opportunity to ask the professionals on our platform, a question or a query related to your personal or professional goals. You get a wider perspective from people who help you look at the world in a different manner. They share their professional wisdom and help you take a more confident decision, with conviction.
8 Programs
Vital skills for success in interview, internship, employment or entrepreneurship that are neither taught in classrooms, nor in training programs and by the time someone learns these skills, it is often too late.

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9 Mentorship
Mentorship is a structured & sustainable relationship in which a more experienced or more knowledgeable person helps to guide a less experienced or less knowledgeable person on skills they want to learn. The mentor may be older or younger, yet brings in a certain area of professional expertise through their life experiences.
Includes one mentoring program (by a student mentor) for 3 months duration
Additional Mentoring Programs

Includes one mentoring program (by an industry professional mentor) for 3 months duration
Additional Mentoring Programs
10 Resume Building & LinkedIn Profile Support
Our team can help you in crafting a suitable resume. We also suggest on how to build up your LinkedIn profile, primarily focusing on how to make the best professional use of LinkedIn.
11 Mentored Research Project
Mentored Research Project is an endeavor to provide an opportunity to students to continue their learning by applying for a virtual project, a live project as given to us by corporate companies, startups in our network. The students can gain certification, work partially from home & from the field without going to an office each day as expected in an Internship. The benefit is that you get to work, under the guidance of a mentor appointed by the company, for the project.You can even apply to have your academic project mentored by an industry professional to get a relevant insight & an industry perspective to meet your project objective & enhance your learning experience.
12 Higher Education Consulting: Two Counselling Sessions
Are you thinking about pursuing your undergraduate/postgraduate degree at universities outside India? If so, do you need an expert to help you identify, apply to, and successfully receive admissions and scholarship offers from the foreign universities that fit you best?
Our team of experts can assist you to make the best education & career choices for yourself through personalized counselling, assessments,comprehensive information on their “best fit” international university options based specifically on your individual abilities, interests & potential. You can get information & assistance on how to receive admissions & scholarships offers from their best-fit universities across the world : U.S.A, Canada, U.K, Europe, Singapore & Australia.
13 Video Resume Services: One year access
Common software do not allow embedding Video into a PDF document. Attaching a video to an email document consumes a lot of internet bandwidth. Is there a simple solution?
Yes, now you get an access for 01 year, to an application to create customized video-PDF Resumes/ to improve your chances for an interview call. Use this unique service to stand out from the crowd and make a favorable first impression on the hiring manager. The other benefits are:
Reduced file size/Works offline/Simple to use/File saved as .PDF/Make Multiple Video Resumes (Sharper First Impression); Create video notes to a document which you can send as a simple email (Better Collaboration & Improved Team work)
14 Internship
Get an opportunity to apply for an Internship on our platform, with the skills you wish to learn during an internship.
15 Jobs
We bring for our subscribers, opportunities to apply for Jobs basis their professional skills and their areas of interest. The jobs are sourced basis the subscriber profiles we have across geographies, and the skills they have.

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