For Colleges & Students


Be it a professional, vocational or management course, Students in the age group of 18-25 years, need to hone their knowledge and skills in multiple areas before they become industry ready. Also, there are several instances where the students are pursuing certain course and their area of interest is elsewhere.

At Prowisdom, we endeavour to provide students with the required tools, the access to relevant industry segments and forums to engage and hone their skills, both basic and advanced, in their area of interest. The idea is to ensure that students are able to meet the current industry expectation.

Some of the focus areas offered for skill development are:

  • Personality Development & Image Management
  • Body Language & Corporate Etiquettes
  • Business English Communication Certification from Cambridge University Press
  • Certified Investment Professional
  • Data Analytics
  • Medical Coding
  • Team work and adapting to a new environment
  • Entrepreneurship and converting an idea into a business plan with a viable product
  • Confidence to represent their best during Group Discussion and Interviews
  • Public speaking and articulating thoughts during communication
  • Understanding the start-up language, converting an idea into a product or service