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Project Astitva

Project Astitva is an endeavor to uplift small and marginalized farmer by connecting them to better farming techniques for higher yield and better demand avenues to allow them to realize greater revenues from sale of produce thus ensuring a sustainable source of revenue for farmers.

We started off by setting up Farmers’ Markets in apartment complexes of Delhi NCR, this connected the farmers directly to the consumers thus eliminating the inefficient supply chain and reducing food mileage. We did this with the help of organisations we collaborated with; Pranab Mukherjee Foundation helped us with the transpirations of produce from farms to the markets, NABARD and IFFCO helped with knowledge sharing and making farmers aware of more efficient farming techniques and The District Horticulture Officer (Govt. of Haryana) helped with the identification of farmers group across the state.

We have now moved into the food processing sector with mustard as our primary produce. We have identified a farmer community in Raiseena, they initially sold their produce to a manufacturer of mustard oil. We will set up mustard oil processing units so farmers can process their produce, package it and transport it to demand avenues. This model also generates employment for other members of their family in ancillary activities like packaging and transportation of mustard oil.

Value Proposition

Inefficient supply chain is eliminated which reduces price of produce.

Reduction in food mileage leads to better quality vegetables.

Preservative free processed goods.

Added convenience of being in close proximity of homes and option of delivery.

Social duty by uplifting marginalized farmers.

Better packaging than local competitors.