Personality Development Program – Get Set Go
About the Program

Get Set Go is for all those are wanting to make a mark in the world, who want to make an impact in their sphere of influence and be a go getter! It has been proven time and again that one needs confidence and executive presence to excel in the corporate world. It begins with having the right mindset and a never-say-die positive attitude. That with your unique gravitas will make you an influencer in all spheres in the world.

Who Should Attend?

Those who…

  •  Are about the enter the corporate world and have interviews to face
  •  Freshers in the corporate world who are having to deal with diverse teams
  • Those who are in roles where you need to speak and make presentations
  • Those who wish to approach others with more confidence
  • Those who wish to develop a personal brand, personal style and aura
  • Those who think a little bit of extra confidence and attitude is going to let you break into the next league
Key Take-aways
  1. Understand what constitutes confidence and how you can build it, develop it
  2. Discover how you can be an effective speaker, presenter and team player with confidence
  3. Understand how your personal mindset and attitude can affect your confidence, the way you think, feel and behave.
  4. Discover how your personal style can make an impact in your every day life and at work
  5. Discover how all the above come together to help you be an influence in your team, in your circles and in the world.