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We may not have got the mentoring support when we were starting our career. However, we all know someone who could benefit from the use of a global hybrid (online and offline) platform by getting a direction, an insight into industry trends, learn new skills, speak to an industry expert, watch interviews of professionals, seminars & workshops as conducted by industry professionals and subject experts, getting a mentor from their field of choice, becoming a role model for someone, getting clarity on their goals in life, getting a platform to showcase their talent, network with the industry, discover their hidden talents by converting their academic knowledge into a real world experience through an Internship or a Virtual Project, convert their education to employability.

A gift to someone you value, of any of our annual subscription plans can be the perfect gift to a youth ( 15 years to 35 years ) to help them achieve their personal & professional goals. Choose from three awesome gift options below.

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We see your generosity being rewarded with an empowered human being & a feeling of happiness as you make a positive change to someone's life forever. Thank you for investing in someone's future & bridging the existing gap between education & employability.