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I am a Solopreneur who have mastered a simple skill of empathizing with people & train them succeed in life. I grow with the growth of others, I grow when others reach the sky and fulfill their Dreams. My journey is all about HR Recruitment ,Training & Content creation where I have contributed to 3 great organizations and now I am working towards my Purpose of life through this course. My life changed after my MBA from SOIL (The most unique B-school in the country), National school of Drama (Where I nurtured my creativity),Toastmasters club ,failures & success in the corporate world and Meditation. (made me realize my purpose of changing the world through this course) I have spent 5 years & lacs of money to learn these life-skill which has become my life purpose today to inspire and educate the world about the power of LinkedIn & Storytelling to get unstoppable Job & Business opportunities.

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