Showcase Entrepreneurs

VICSA (Vitalize Cure Save)

“VICSA” is a healthcare startup company with an aim of providing solution for every individual, having disabilities, suffering from illness, concerned about health issues with latest modern technology advancement in hardware and software.

The first product from “VICSA” is a prosthetic eye-glass designed for visually challenged person, a computer eye with additional features.

Value Proposition

How it works?

  • The camera module serves as the main component for object detection.
  • Object detection and image processing is done by computer software.
  • As the object is detected, the controller activates the sensor for distance measurement.
  • This information is sent to an earpiece to instruct the subject.

The prosthetic eye-glass from “VICSA” aim to provide assistance for visually challenged to help them experience their surroundings in better way to connect socially with people around them.