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GuGu Events And Adventures

GEA (GuGu Events And Adventures) has set its Vision to have an exclusive fun club where families who are members can choose various options from sports to adventure, enabling them with lifetime memories and the Mission GEA carries is to fast reach to 100 such families where GEA makes a positive difference to their family , personal & professional lives.

We at GEA are working on improving people to people contact. It can be in a family, at workplace, between friends or even a society. We believe a strong team can perform any difficult task and attain success as long as they all are focused and driven by one common objective hence, our engagement using sports and adventure activities.

Our purpose is to impart experiential learning to various section in a society which comprises of children, professionals, housewives, working women etc. We impart them practical knowledge which helps them as an individual and as a professional too. When the teaching becomes fun, the learning becomes easy is our mantra to touch more and more lives. Hence our tag line “Bring Out The Child in You” !

Value Proposition

We focus on pure Experiential Learning and all our activities/ programs are designed using fun @Learning way. We work more on people to people contact using our Sports and Adventure activities helping our participants to learn collaboration, team building and achieving success together