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Project Asbah

Asbah, meaning purity, strives to develop the rural and urban slums of India through harnessing contaminant specific water mechanisms to provide clean drinking water, a basic necessity which millions of citizens lack as well as developing the health, sanitation and cleanliness of these areas.

We have set up 4 community filtration plants that are providing water to more than 2200 households and 10,500 people everyday at a highly affordable rate of Rs. 4/- for 20L. In this process, we also employ 2 local women as operators for increased accessibility. This generates employment for them and also encourages other women in the community to pick up jobs, this reduces income inequalities, establishes female equality, thus empowering women of the community.

Any wastewater that our plants generate is routed to a nearby toilet complex or an overhead recharge well to ensure resource utilization.

Asbah ensures lower spending on health expenditure which was previously being incurred to water borne illnesses, more savings per month due to cheap availability of clean drinking water and lower rates of truancy as fewer children fall ill after access to clean drinking water.

Asbah has been lauded by the Hon’ble Prime Minister of the country and The President of India, it has also received an Appreciation Letter from the Ministry of Drinking Water and Sanitation.

Asbah was in the Top 4 teams at the World Water Race 2018 presented by KMPG in San Jose, California. 

We wish to bring about a water revolution by impacting people on a massive level by scaling enormously into different areas of the country where people lack the fundamental necessity of clean drinking water at highly affordable rates.

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