Showcase Entrepreneurs is a start-up and objective is to create awareness with regards to Running and fitness.

We organize long distance runs in various formats which is inclusive of community runs, corporate and RWA events. Apart from running, at FEAR cafe we serve high end continental food for our customers.

At FEARacademia , our vision is to help, nourish and delight consumers across India. To be the leader in Taste and Nutrition for the global food, beverage and health industries; creating sustainable value for our customers, employees, environment, community and young athletes.

Giving teenagers the confidence and real skills to achieve their health goals and enjoy more balanced lives through structured running, strength training, more nutritious food and healthier diets. Achieving this with a uniquely balanced and science-based approach to diet and nutrition while making good cooking fun and accessible.

Through Nutritional consultations, cooking workshops and talks we increase understanding of how diet, lifestyle and nutrition impacts on everyone’s wellness and teach the usable skills to put that learning into everyday practice.

Value Proposition

India's First runners cafe. A unique mix of Fitness & F&B.



Long Distance Runs

High end continental Food at our Cafe

Structured Running & Strength Training

Fitness Mentoring

Nutrition Consulting