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Maatreyee Agro Forestry

An environmental project with an aim of Rebuilding forests and growing economy A social forest project where thousands of unique ‘Tissue culture’ timber trees are grown in sprawling farmlands which one can own and create substantial return on their investment

Value Proposition

How it works? 

  • Individuals buy lands in our 300 acre Forestry project around 55 Kms. from Bengaluru 
  • Tissue culture Teak trees are planted and maintained for 10 years by the company 
  • Landowners have the choice to harvest the fully grown trees 
  • When sold, trees earn them substantial revenue much higher than the value of the land. 

The main intent is to promote social forestry to people living in cities, bio-diversity, self sustainability and promoting modern methods in Farming. Here animals, plants, humans, micro-organisms will co-exist with each other and flourish in an ideal Forest Eco-system.

Other benefits will be Eco friendly cottages, Gou shala (cattle farm), several farm animals, serene pond, traditional style Ayurveda and Yoga center, large Nursery and more.