Unfollow – Achieve Personal Breakthrough
About the Program

Unfollow is for those who are stuck and need a breakthrough. From jobs to relationships, Unfollow identifies ‘disabling stories’, rewrites them, and gives you tools to stay the course.

Who Should Attend?

Those who…

  •    Are stuck and in need of new direction or inspiration
  •    Want clarity on their purpose
  •    Need a better strategy to achieve their goals
  •    Want a achieve harmony with work, people and community
  •    Wish to stop procrastinating and start doing
  •    Need to manage stress better by reducing confusion and increasing focus
Key Take-aways
  1.    Recognize your inner story, the one that’s not working for you
  2.    Evaluate the truth of that story.
  3.    Rewrite your story to make it inspiring, congruent with your values, and actionable.
  4.    Live your story everyday with discipline.